June 2011


June 25th and 26th.

This coming weekend, the First ever Calverton Ladyseed.

First for NY as well.

Instructors are coming from all over the country, some of our top instructor talent that just happen to be women have made travel arrangements to converge on Calverton, Long Island for the week-end of June 25-26, and we want to welcome them with a big group of smiling New York female shooters.

If you are someone, or know someone that knows someone, get them out to our beautiful range! In the words of one of our traveling Instructors, "Ladies, if you have been waiting for the right time to attend an Appleseed, this is it!" Come learn about the heritage of this Nation while you learn to shoot a rifle.

After all, is there any reason you should NOT know how to operate a rifle? Learn about the Brave Women of April 19, 1775 and how the events of the war - not only for this country's independance, but its BIRTH - unfolded.

"Fellas, if you have been waiting for the right Appleseed to send the wife to, this is it!" Bring your wife, bring your daughter, and tell your neighbors! Bring just one lady, and you get to chill on the far side with the Calverton Crew, cooking sausages and breaking paper.

That's right, Calverton has two firing lines and we boys are gonna get to hang out on the second line and shoot an assortment of rifles while we cook some food for the ladies.

If you bring a lady, you're welcome to join us, but this is an ALL FEMALE INSTRUCTOR AND ALL FEMALE SHOOTER EVENT! We'll be cooking.


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Next Month!!!

Back to the normal open events...

July 30-31 is the next Event at Calverton.


The RWVA announces it's "Rifleman Opportunity Card".

Pre-register and shoot at any Appleseed Event and join the RWVA ($20.00 a year).

This Registration Fee and Membership Dues now entitles you to shoot for FREE* at any future Appleseed Event until you make the Rifleman Score or your Membership expires. You can join the RWVA when you Register or at the Event if you choose to Walk On. You will be given your Rifleman Opportunity Card (ROC) at the event. Pay for 1 Appleseed and join the RWVA and you never pay the Registration Fee again as long as you are a Member. This pretty much guarantees you will make Rifleman and only have to pay for 1 event. It does not get much better than that, well it does once you patch! *The Calverton Range Fee still needs to be paid at the event, for each day you shoot.

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Up Coming Appleseed Events at Calverton....

Dates added as confirmed....

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