Post Mon Jan 10, 2011 5:29 pm

If you want to receive emails of thread updates...

In your " User Control Panel "

( a link to it is just found under the Header, top left of the forum page)
(just above the words "Board index")

Click on " User Control Panel "
Once on the new page...

There is a tab called " Board Preferences ".

Click on that...

The click on "Edit posting defaults"

By default, the software does not automatically "subscribe" you to a thread you post in or start.

And this option is defaulted to "No"

If you would like to be automatically subscribed to a thread you start,

To the right of " Notify me upon replies by default: "
Click on the circle for " Yes "
and then click "Submit" .

Now when you start a thread, or post a reply in one, you will automatically be subscribed to that thread and receive emails when others reply.