Prepare for your 1st AppleSeed Event.

Where to find information, interesting reading, how to's, and so on, related to Appleseed Events and the RWVA. (no discussions here, just a reference area)

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Prepare for your 1st AppleSeed Event.

What do you need to bring to an AS event....

read this link on the national website...

Exception to the info listed in the above link....

We don't recommend , can't recommend anyone taking any medications of any sort.. if not sure what you can or can't take for stiffness or pain, see a doctor.
We are handling firearms, no one will be / can be under the influence of anything , but a positive / good attitude.

You will be up and down all day, into different shooting positions.
Limber up, stretch, take a warm shower before and after each day.

For Long Island we recommend at least FOUR 10round magazines.
Mark one differently, or for the ruger 10/22's, buy one of the clear ones.
(some string of fire calls for 1 mag of 2rnd with another mag of 8rnds, the marked one will let you know which is 2rnds).

500+ rounds of ammo.

Calverton is very sunny and dusty and sandy.

Bring a chair and table.

We usually have the square tents up for sun cover. If you have one of those 10x10 pop up sun shades, please bring it just in case more are needed.

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Re: Prepare for your 1st AppleSeed Event.

Project Appleseed comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by yours truly. It's more than doubling every year; and generates/educates people to be liberty-minded. They present stories and make an effort to stay non-political (They won't tell you how to vote) but encourage each attendee to become active and VOTE for the cause of Liberty.
All range officers and trainers are volunteers, they pay their own gas, take their own vacations, and take their own time to do it, because they strongly believe in the cause. They are extremely safe, and strict safety procedures were followed throughout the two days.
All the while you get to learn to shoot - and I mean Really Learn To Shoot in the classic tradition of the American Rifleman - the one truly American sport. People in no other country in the world can take up a rifle, go out to a range and shoot it without asking permission of their "betters" in the police forces and governments.
When the British Regulars wielded smooth-bore muskets with an effective range of 75 yards, The first treasonous Patriots out-shot them with rifles and marksmanship. One very famous headshot at 250 yards is told: the shot taken by a man up in a tree - felling a British officer. Fast-forward to the Navy snipers taking out the pirates from a moving boat:no one shoots like Americans and this is the skill that is passed on. Appleseed teaches the stories and methods of the Sons of Liberty - the snipers of the day - who did amazing things with primitive first-generation rifles.
The training range is 25 yards, the distance and targets are scaled to correspond to the sighting of the .308 and .30-06 Garand, M14 or M1 at 100 yards, and the .233 and 5.56 AR-15 platform at 300 yards. I have heard many folks poo-poo this short training distance and make comments about how it can't be that hard... Just give it a try and you'll see. You'll learn to shoot a rifle with nothing for support other than a sling and your body. Your fancy scope won't help you, your 30-round mag will get in the way, and you'll soon be wishing for your bi-pod and sandbags. The 25-yd range also of course enables many easy trips back and forth to and from the targets, as well as effectively removing the wind factor for training. The skills you learn translate directly to the 400-yd range.

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Re: Prepare for your 1st AppleSeed Event.

nicely put, welcome!

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