..How can we find the time to Appleseed?..

     With so much going on in our daily lives, with our time being divided into so many ways during the course of a busy day, How can we find the time to Appleseed?

     Modern man and all our technology, all our conveniences yet every minute of every day seems hard pressed for time.  So many distractions all day long from commercial marketing, media news blitz, junk mail, spam email, Hollywood movies, our National sports syndicate, reality TV, thousands of cable channels, endless blogs and postings on the World Wide Web, millions of opinions, everyone wants your attention and everyone wants a buck from you.  How can we find the time to Applessed?

      Then it is  the car repairs,  house or apartment upgrades or repairs, health issues either routine or from a  related illness, physical fitness to stay strong and active, working full time, sometimes two jobs to make the bills, career building, climbing that company ladder, cell phones, smart phones, banking issues and budgeting, credit cards, parenting children, homework, cooking, food shopping, is it organic?, & the computer just crashed.   Have you read the latest bill trying to be passed in the U.S. Senate?  The latest act of legislature trying to get signatures in the U.S. House of Representitives?  Do we even have the time and energy to keep up?  I can probably go on and bore the bones out of you.  I cirtainly can think of lots of other things we must do and learn in our every day confussing, hectic lives to survive a  modern day.  Lets face it, to exist you need to know a lot about a lot of things.  How can we find the time to Appleseed?

     Sometimes at the end of a day I wonder who I am and the influences I have received throughout the day.  Am I still the person I want to be?, or have  I been subjected to so much of  the constant bombardment of marketering ideas and influence that subconsciously I am being molded into what they want me to become.  How can we find the time to Applesseed? 

     If you are religious or spiritual like I am, you pray, meditate, look for answers to enhance survival, to prepare for death.  You search for what can be done to establish divine law and order to your life and those around you.   You look to master self control in a society that breeds no control.  How can we find the time to Appleseed?

      I grew up in the 1970’s in a small town in NYC.  I know what life was like with first hand experience and I know the changes that have taken place.  I  see with my eyes the difference in the quality of life from then till now.  I understand the marvels of technology both good and bad and the burden they can become when we dependent on them for life.  How can we find the time to Appleseed?

     With The Appleseed Project doing so much everyday, every weekend to bring American Families together to gather and talk, to learn the struggles of our American History & Heritage in the early years of 1775, before and after.   Trying to get us, The Citizens of The Greatest Republic ever devised on the face of the Earth, to take responsibility for themselves and their inherent Country.  To be the Citizens they need to be, to hold accountability to the American Leaders, Bankers, Corporations, Unions and All their fellow Country Men.  People, I ask you. can we do this? Will we fail our Founders? or Will You Find The Time To Come To An Applessed……..and make a difference right now…………..

…..Strength & Honor………………..Josey Wales…………………….

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