Here we go Long Island!

Good Evening O my brothers and sisters,

Here it is thanks to Ramit!  The Appleseed Long Island web-site and forum.  We felt that, since we’re so isolated yet so connected to each other out here (yes, Brooklyn is on Long Island, and so is Queens, so me and Josey Wales are Long Islanders too!)…  well, since we’re so isolated yet so connected to each other, we felt like we should have our own web-site and newsletter.  Keep your eyes out for the newsletter in the next couple of days.  It’s in the capable hands of our very own Rattlesnake.  So far, the staff of the newsletter consists of myself as editor and Rattlesnake as designer.  The web-site is the work of Ramit with VietVet providing an excellent story as our first piece of content.  That’s four of us so far, but we want everybody to get involved.  I’m still not sure how this works, so if you see it , please post to let us know somebody’s out there.  I hope you guys are as excited as we are!

Remember to come to Calverton this month Jan. 29-30.  Also, we have what’s called an IBC (Instructor Boot Camp) upstate at Burlington Flats Rod and Gun club the week before – that’s Jan 22-23.  Don’t be afraid to cross to the mainland!  Anybody that wants to become an Instructor is welcome to come to this if they’re serious.  Just contact me., or 718 490 7665.  We will have an event at Calverton the last week-end of each month – FOREVER!!!

And please, don’t hesitate to register on Appleseed’s national forum –

See you on the trail!


2 Responses to “Here we go Long Island!”

  1. ((( RATTLESNAKE ))) Says:

    Here it is a place for Strong Island Appleseeders to communicate with each other on our very own site, thanks Ramit !! Like kDan expressed we encourage participation on the National Forum which is the Apple Orchard of all Appleseed websites….. see you on the Firing Line !!!!

  2. Sue (The Mrs.) Says:

    Lookin’ good guys!!